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Duncanville TX Locksmiths, is a group of outstanding Security Professionals working around the country everyday keeping Americans Safe and Secure. With solid service, honest advice and answers, our technicians have the knowledge and support that comes with being part of a large team. Our Locksmiths we think are the Best in the City. If you can afford quality service thats fast and professional then you have come to the right place. We have Locksmiths in 30 plus cities and growing daily. We are here for you.

24 Hours / 7 Day Service

You never know when your gonna need an emergency locksmith. Locksmiths of Duncanville, is a 24 Hour 7 Day service provider. When that unexpected lock emergency leaves you in a bad spot, you can call us for a locksmith in Duncanville 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. 24/7 Service that is fast and professional. Our 24/7 locksmith will arrive in a Van complete with all the tools necessary to get you back on the road quick.

Car Unlock, Unlocking Vehicles, Lock-Outs, Open Car, Opening Cars, Keys

If your car key is locked inside your vehicle, call Duncanville TX Locksmiths. We provides professional car opening services 24/7.

Car keys inside a your locked vehicle is stressful enough so the experience with the locksmith service provider should not add to your problem. We understand this and we feel your pain. Our system is designed to get help to you quick. When your car keys are left inside your car, you need a car unlock service that is fast and affordable. Our company is used by AAA and most Major Insurance companies so you can rest assured you are getting quality service.

Our locksmiths are trained to retrieve car keys without damage to the lock."I locked my car keys in the car" is a phrase we are all to familar with. When car keys get locked inside your vehicle just give us a call and we will dispatch a car door unlock specialist to you ASAP. A car lock out is a serious situation toDuncanville TX Locksmiths. If you are locked out with your car keys inside the vehicle and you are needing to be somewhere quickly,you need a locksmith company that is organized, efficient and fast to get into the locked car without any further delay.

To open a locked car requires specialized tools designed to prevent damage to the vehicle lock, door or paint. While opening the locked car door, our locksmith will be very careful not to damage any electronic components down inside the door panel. Also great care is givin to keep from scratching window tenting.

Duncanville TX Locksmiths are true professionals ready to handle any locked car emergency. Being locked out of your car is a problem that always seems to occur at the worst time. We try hard to minimize the pain and frustration caused by keys locked in your car. 

To open a car fast and efficiently requires a locksmith with skills and training. To unlock a locked car the locksmith will survey the best way to open the locked car door while minimizing the risk of damage. A professional locksmith will use air wedges and other specialty tools designed for fast entry. If you think your car keys were left in the car but after the opening we dont find the keys, dont worry. We also replace lost lost car keys. To unlock a car with the keys inside give us a call.

Who we are:

Duncanville TX Locksmiths is a local group of licensed,ethical locksmiths throughout the Duncanville area ready to serve you. With years of knowledge and experience,you can rest assured you are getting the best service available. We are not associated with scam locksmith companies. 

We are licensed independent locksmiths offering extremely fast response times for EMERGENCY Service. Duncanville TX Locksmiths cares about you the customer. We are committed to quality service for the public. Our company is working to educate the public about the scams going on in our industry. The main company's headquarters is based out of Duncanville.

About our Locksmith Techs:

Our Locksmith Techs are Excellent. Proven Locksmiths with talents second to none. Our Locksmiths have spent years learning their trade and have earned the respect of Major Businesses and Corporations across this Country.

Our Locksmiths maintain continuing locksmith education credits yearly. What we don't know can hurt us! Our Locksmith technicians come trained in many different areas of locks and keys. Auto Locks and keys, Commercial Locks and keys, Residential Locks and keys and Safe Crackers!!

Duncanville TX Locksmiths Technicians are asked to maintain high standards of integrity and ethics. Our locksmiths work fast,and in a professional manner. Our locksmiths have the resources of a National Company in case they encounter a problem they have never seen before.Our locksmiths can call on our affiliates from across the country to help resolve even the most stubborn lock problems.

Duncanville TX Locksmiths technicians are trained locksmiths driving vehicles with mobile work shops, able to work effectively on any lock problem that may arise. We welcome all feedback related to our locksmith techs from our customers. We wants to be your Locksmith provider now and in the future.

Locksmith Licensing / DPS

Locksmiths in a licensed state are required to pass an FBI or criminal history background check and in most cases give finger prints. In Texas, we are also required to pass a very difficult exam concerning State Laws and Regulations. In Texas, Home of the Associated Locksmiths of America ( ALOA ) Locksmith Licensing is enforced by the Dept.of Public Safety. ( DPS ) If your State does not appear on this list then it's even more important for you to protect yourself from Scam Companies in your area.


Duncanville TX Locksmiths provides licensed,credible locksmiths joining forces to educate consumers.We provide quality

materials at a fair price. Our work is guaranteed and comes with a full 1 year warranty on parts and labor. We price our

products and services competitively and welcome calls from frugal customers.